La Extinción de los Dinosaurios

De Luis Ayhllón
Dirección: James Bruenger-Arreguin
Repertorio Español, July 2022

Diseño de escenografía e iluminación: Noelani Montas
Diseño de vestuario: Daniela Ferrer
Gerente de producción: Fernando Then
Asistente de producción y subtítulos: Sara Buitrago

Asier Kintana as Hugo
Jamie Puerta as Paco
Jandel Camilo as Luis

Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.


Book by Roger O’Hirson
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Directed by Zi Alikhan
Choreography by Mayte Natalio

Arts Bank Theater at University of the Arts, October 2021

Creative Team:
Music Direction by Brigitte Rottman
Co-Set Design by Noelani Montas & Jason Simms
Lighting Design by Natalie Robin
Costume Design by Christine DiJoseph
Co-Sound Design by Larry Fowler & Allie Britt (also A1) Projection/Media Design by Nick Hussong
Props by Kelly Mclaughlan
production photos by Noelani Montas

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Pond: Live in Concert

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Final Project, Fall 2021
Work from Capstone and Advanced Projection Design
Production Design (set, lights & video) for a concert

Pond is an Australian psych-rock band currently made of members:
Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson, Shiny Joe Ryan, Jaime Terry, & James Ireland

“30000 Megatons” & “Paint Me Silver” are from their 2017 album
The Weather
Augment3D PreVis

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POP! The Musical Exhibition

Directed by James Bruenger-Arreguin

Book and Lyrics by Maggie-Kate Coleman
Music by Anna K. Jacobs

Noelani Montas - Production Designer (scenic, lighting, website)
Maura McLaughlin - Production Designer (costumes & make-up)
Danielle Shugart - Production Designer (costumes & make-up)
Sharon Culbreth-Pedulla - Production Designer (props)

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additional graphics by Sarah Court and Christine DiJoseph