about her ~

Hi! My name is Noelani Montas (she/her), proud kānaka and dominicana, and I’m an artist and designer. Born in Southern California, spent 5 years in Philly, and now based in Honolulu, O’ahu.

The projects shown on my website are in one or multiple of the following fields: set design, lighting design, production design, and performance. There is also a variety of projects under technical skills, ranging from theatrical to architectural work to weaving.

As a designer, I would like to work in multiple areas related to live performance: theatre, dance, music, opera, and I would love to travel nationally and internationally for projects. As a performer, I am primarily an actor and a dancer, and have danced and choreographed in the following styles: hula, hip hop, tap, and musical theatre.

Regardless of my role on a production or project, I would love to tell stories about, for, and with people of color. Thanks for looking at my website and reading a little bit about me, please reach out to get in touch! 

photo by Claire Wasson

Current things:

Design Resume

MFA Theatre, Concentrations: Hana Keaka & Design
University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

UArts Brind School Storytelling in Design Award 2022
Wingspace Lighting Mentee 2021-2022
Pat Mackay Diversity in Design 2021 Winner